Rubbish Clearance Pricing

Reduced Pricing

To help minimise the cost of your Southampton rubbish removal, you can do the following:

  • Dismantling furniture where possible
  • Put your loose rubbish into bags, so they can be easily moved and compressed
  • Sort waste into piles, saving us time at our yard – a pile of wood, metal and plastics for example.

Our pricing is generally calculated by the weight and bulk of your waste.

All commercial vehicles are restricted to be able to a certain gross weight – bulky items such as mattresses can soon take up a lot of space on our vehicles.

Single item

2 person team
100kg max weight

from £40

X-Small (1/4 load)

2 person team
250kg max weight

from £100

Small (1/2 load)

2 person team
500kg max weight

from £150

Medium (3/4 load)

2 person team
750kg max weight

from £200

Large (full load)

2 person team
1000kg max weight

from £280

Multiple loads

Team based on

Price upon request